Thursday, March 24, 2011

Human thinking patterns

One of the biggest challenges for human thinking is basically the human thinking itself. Such a complicated structure it has that even with a span of 10 million years spent thinking, and some really fine brains working there is nothing except a set of loose facts and surveys . Even today nobody can answer the question,"What is the structure of human behaviour" or more simply asking "IS THERE A PATTERN FOR HUMAN BEHAVIOUR???"

                       It is however worth observing that humans behave differently in identical situations at different times because memory and intelligence trigger this machinery and they certainly change with time which makes it a really complicated dynamic process.
                                                            From this discussion however it is clear but still i would like to state it for the sake of completeness that humans in many situations do not behave instinctively as most animals do which is why animal behavior studies merely account to some bookkeeping while human behavior studies take much more resources and "human thinking".

                                                                  But however we being humans and humans being animals we must have some pattern for behavior otherwise all the theories for stock market , Theory of the unconscious 
(sigmund freud ) will come crashing down . So, however complicated,there exist some factors which account for a pattern when dealt on a large scale.
                                                            For properly understanding this behavioral pattern we must divide this whole thing into five broad parts .

0.) Instinct  
1.) Memory
2.) Logic
3.) Emotions
4.) Imagination 

 (I numbered these from zero because instinct is the zero of human thinking , it will be the starting point for our search of this pattern.)

 What is thought,
 Is it the sense to do what,
and to do what not ?
Or it's the sense of this world 
logical powers within it curled,
scientific facts,common sense,
are they the human brain's fence.

Strange is humanity's thinking procedure ,
different minds different architecture
thought and logic it's two pillars 
With knowledge, experience as it's frillers,

Is it a power imparted to us ,
That transcends the bounds of space and time?
Or it is the mediator ,
Explaining to us the nature's mime.

Is it the extraordinary power 
to see something not present ,
Understanding of not only past 
but also future and present.

Will we ever get an answer,
to these questions about thought.
Or are these questions and their answers,
are out of humanity's lot.

  In next post i will be discussing features of the zeroth element 'instinct'.